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An up-to-date list of recent productions. (Click on name of production to view details)

For details of forthcoming productions please refer to the news page.

Date Production By
February 2023 One Man, Two Guvnors 2023 Richard Bean
October 2022 Ladies Day 2022 Amanda Whittington
June 2022 FlatSpin 2022 Alan Ayckbourn
February 2020 Funny Money 2020 Ray Cooney
October 2019 A Chorus of Disapproval Alan Ayckbourn
May 2019 Cheshire Cats Gail Young
February 2019 'Allo 'Allo Jeremy Lloyd & David Croft
October 2018 Ben Hur Patrick Barlow
May 2018 A Bunch of Amateurs Ian Heslop & Nick Newman
February 2018 The Flint Street Nativity 2018 Tim Firth
October 2017 Goodnight Mister Tom Michelle Magorian
May 2017 Brief Encounter Noel Coward
February 2017 Comfort and Joy 2017 Mike Harding
October 2016 Hotel Paradiso Georges Feydeau & Maurice Desvallieres
May 2016 Humble Boy Charlotte Jones
February 2016 Yes Prime Minister Antony Jay & Jonathan Lynn
October 2015 The Ladykillers Graham Linehan
May 2015 Bedroom Farce Alan Ayckbourn
February 2015 Tom, Dick and Harry Ray and Michael Cooney
October 2014 Stepping Out Richard Harris
May 2014 Sailor Beware P King & F L Cary
February 2014 Neighbourhood Watch Alan Ayckbourn
October 2013 Cider with Rosie Laurie Lee
May 2013 DeathTrap Ira Levin
February 2013 Our Man In Havana Adapted by Clive Francis
October 2012 Calendar Girls Tim Firth
May 2012 Brassed Off Paul Allen
February 2012 The 39 Steps John Buchan
October 2011 Improbable Fiction Alan Ayckbourn
May 2011 Dry Rot John Chapman
Februry 2011 The Servant of Two Masters Carlo Goldoni
October 2010 A Small Family Business Alan Ayckbourn
May 2010 Roleplay Alan Ayckbourn
Feb 2010 The Flint Street Nativity Tim Firth
Oct 2009 Noises Off Michael Frayn
May 2009 Edge of Darkness Brian Clemens
Feb 2009 Outside Edge Richard Harris
Oct 2008 My Three Angels Sam and Bella Spewack
May 2008 The Odd Couple Neil Simon
Feb 2008 Comfort and Joy Mike Harding
Oct 2007 Ladies Day Amanda Whittington
May 2007 The Darling Buds of May H E Bates
Feb 2007 Celebration Keith Waterhouse and Willis Hall
Oct 2006 Quartet Ronald Harwood
May 2006 Up 'n' Under II John Godber
Feb 2006 There Goes the Bride Ray Cooney and John Chapman
Oct 2005 Strangers on a Train Craig Warner
May 2005 Time of My Life Alan Ayckbourn
Feb 2005 Dad's Army Jimmy Perry and David Croft
Oct 2004 The Cemetery Club Ivan Menchell
May 2004 Brassed Off Paul Allen
Feb 2004 Caught In The Net Ray Cooney
Oct 2003 Night Watch Lucille Fletcher
May 2003 On Golden Pond Ernest Thompson
Feb 2003 Habeas Corpus Alan Bennett
Oct 2002 When We Are Married J. B. Priestley
May 2002 Happy Families John Godber
Feb 2002 It's a Bit Lively Outside Joyce Holliday
Oct 2001 How the Other Half Loves Alan Ayckbourn
May 2001 The Hollow Agatha Christie
Feb 2001 Allo Allo Jeremy Lloyd and David Croft
Oct 2000 The Sunshine Boys Neil Simon
May 2000 The Ghost Train Arnold Ridley
Feb 2000 Funny Money Ray Cooney
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