Date performed:
Keith Waterhouse and Willis Hall
Feb 2007

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Family get-togethers! Are they a time of love and warmth? Or are they more trouble than they are worth?

In this delightful comedy, we meet the Broadbents and the Fullers as they gather together to celebrate two classic family occasions, a wedding and a funeral.

From the writers of Billy Liar, Celebration is an affectionate look at family life. Warts and all!

The perfect antidote to the winter blues!


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Christine Lucas (The bride) Hannah Stone
Rhoda Lucas (her mother) Judith Wade
Edgar Lucas (her father) Ian Walker
Jack Lucas (her brother) Ross Bannister
Irene Howes (her cousin) Augusta Harison-Denby
Lilian Howes (her aunt) Pam Bush
Frank Broadbent (her uncle) Jack Massey
Arthur Broadbent (her great-uncle) John Atkinson
Stan Dyson (Irene's fiance) Gavin Holmes
Bernard Fuller (The Groom) Ric Waterhouse
Edna Fuller (his mother) Bridget Ball
Alice Fuller (his aunt) Francesca Larkin
Lionel Fuller (his cousin) James Hartley
Margo Fuller (his cousin's wife) Claire Spencer
May Beckett Andrea Howard
Sergeant-Major Tommy Lodge Kevin Brennan

Director Phil Gascoyne
Set design Peter Howard
Set construction Bryan Ashcroft
Hansel D'Roza
Peter Howard
John Jakins
Phil Redding
Graham Ward
Stage manager John Jakins
Sound Bryan Ashcroft
Lighting Hansel D'Roza
Properties Pam Bush
Janet D'Roza
Carolyn Heslop
Continuity Andrea Howard
Francesca Larkin
Ticket secretaries Geoff and Lynn Randle
Graham and Ann Ward