Edge of Darkness
Date performed:
Brian Clemens
May 2009

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After her disappearance several years ago, Emma finds that her memory is damaged; there is much she does not recognize or understand. Why does she appear familiar with certain Russian phrases; why has she such a horror of a harmless silver bell, of a portrait on the wall, of knives? Is she, in fact, Emma Cranwell? Behind these questions looms a menacing mystery which finally erupts into violence and horror.


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Penny Judith Wade
Hardy Phil Gascoyne
Max Cranwell Peter Howard
Laura Cranwell Andrea Howard
Emma Siobhan Daley
Livago Stan Roe

Director Carolyn Heslop
Set design Peter Howard
Hansel DíRoza
Set construction Bryan Ashcroft
Hansel D'Roza
John Jakins
Graham Ward
Jo Waterhouse
Stage manager John Jakins
Sound Bryan Ashcroft
Lighting Hansel D'Roza
Properties Bridget Ball
Pam Bush
Costumes Janet D'Roza
Continuity Edwina Gascoyne
Ticket secretaries Geoff & Lynn Randle
Graham & Ann Ward